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Hardblush is saying goodbye

I dont remember when I started and I think I dont need to know it to say the following, being a part of this big comunity of bizarre porn and yiff it has been a new experience to me that I will try to dont forget, but althought all the fun I got, the people I met or my love to show my slutty part I must say that Im leaving.

Im leaving because no reason, I want to change, I dont like being the same all the time, is like a bipolarity with too much possibilities, a multipolarity.
is not bad once you know me that i change from time to time.
Is not the first time that I want to leave but this is the real one.

im leaving and I dont know if I’ll return, I repeat, anything what happend here I enjoyed, so dont think Im leaving because any sonofabitch homophobe offended me, because, in fact, is really difficult to hurt my feelings, basically because you will never guess how my mind works.

It has been a social/psychological test to me too, wich is good, because I understand more things now that indirectly will help me in the future.

Whats next? Well, Im not gonna close this tumblr so you can still enjoy the pics but maybe in the future (i hope far far away from noe) I return and repost or submit new stuff. At the moment the only thing I want now is to focus in my future, the university and my hobby of making films.

Good luck to everyone, I probably miss somethings from here.


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Ideal boyfriend

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Ooooo I wish that was in ME ! ! !






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